March 10, 2010

Started coding

I got into webdevelopment because there were always ideas in my head of projects, websites, applications that didn't exist yet and would be great to have. For instance some kind of petition website, or a digital currency called The Glitch that would every now and then 'glitch' and distribute the money randomly among everyone (I know, crazy idea, but would be an awesome experiment!! :-).

But since I didn't really know how to build these things I just googled, googled and googled until I figured it out. Actually most of the first ideas never happened because they were too complex or I lost interest over time. But in the meantime I did learn how to build websites and quite soon started to have my first paid jobs.

One of the my first personal projects that I build together with Bart Driessen was in 2012 for the I want to make the world a better place year.

Next to that I prefer to work on projects which I believe have a positive impact on the world, because if they don't my motivation easily vanishes :-) I often work together with the talented graphic designers Bart Driessen and Tijl Akkermans.

One of my latest projects was building a new iteration of The Iron Curtain Project website.